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Injector Phasing vs Ignition Phasing.. In need of help

I am in some serious need of help, as the saying goes I know enough to be dangerous but not enough to be helpful.

Engine: 7MGTE
ECU: AEM series 1


I have a question about the Injector phase table, and the ignition phase table and how they relate to each other. MY car is currently running on only 3 cylinders ( 1, 3, 6). I know I have spark, compression and fuel in the other 3 cylinders. This leads me to believe that my phasing must be off for these three.

In the EMS I have spark teeth and Fuel teeth set to 24.

Injectors are wired sequentially and 4,5,6 are being triggered from injector 7, 8,9 respectfully in the EMS.
I am running 1zz Smart COP in waste fire, but using 24 spark teeth.

I know that some believe that you can’t use smart coils in a waste fire arrangement as the available dwell time at higher RPMs will effectively get cut in half. If I remember correctly when I did the math even at 10,000 RPM you should have 3.5 ms of available dwell time with this setup.

My understanding of how the fuel and spark teeth work is that these are simply just indicator to the ems of when to initiate either the fuel or spark events. The ignition event should happen around 360 degree ( or 24 teeth) from when the injection event happened, is my understanding of this correct? I have read that it is better to inject on a closed valve so that would push the injection event back 4-5 teeth.

The values I am using right now I had found on miscellaneous forum posts so I guess I’m just looking for a confirmation on my understanding above and then I will have to adjust the values below.



Thank you for any provided help!