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injector tuning

Hello , Looking for help . I have Bosch injectors  part number  280-150-218  .   

Flow ..... 29.7 lbs/ 312.1 cc/ 224.5 grams 

They are not listed in injector pull down menu . Ive been searching for two days , looking dead time or latency data chart but can't find anything .  My tuner is asking for the data .    The engine is a BMW M-52 with a  wired Infinity ECU .

Any help would be appricated 


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A quick look online shows

A quick look online shows that those injectors were from a '87 Buick GN with 15 ohms resistance and 300 cc/min flow. Select Bosch Green Top 440cc injector from the wizard to set the Inj Offset table and then set the whole Inj Flow Rate table to 300 and start tuning.