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Issue with idle vs ignition timing table

Hi all.  Im not using a IACV valve (no issues really).  What i want to do is use the idle vs ignition timing to get the idle nice and steady. Done this many times before and works great!

My issue is this table is looking to get the idle to 1,500rpm. My idle is set to 1,000rpm right now. I even set the idle to 1,000rpm across all temps in the idle vs temp table. Still has the same result. What am i missing or where is this setting? Not sure whats going on...

When you bring up the idle vs ign table and "follow the ecu" it is maxed out to the left (looking to add timing)... This is at 1,000rpm.  Now if i rev the car to 1,500rpm the cursor sits dead center/ or 0.