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Not sure where to ask this, i get mixed answeres everywhere,

Trying to setup a Knock cal correctly. Should i be looking/logging at knock RAW or knock volts only ?

Also when looking at log data, what am i looking for to consider knock ? i know people refer to a spike, but i belive im supposed to take my spike to make a cal.

So im not sure how to tell a difference.  For instance: my avg knock noise always sits .6volts , but at certin rpms will spike to 1.1-1.4v (usually about 6200rpm) this is at 8psi 5* timing 10.2 afr.  played with timing/fuel with no change.

which i would assume is super safe!  Now let me say i dont need a response of pay for a tune etc, Im fine with learning and doing it myself haha


if it helps, Car is A 91 eclipse, 2.0,Auto awd setup. hx35,gsc cams,frh intake etc etc.   loaded file is super rich, was an attempt to see if any change.  any help or pointers is appreachated