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Lambda2FB_active always 0


Went testing @ OSW tonight after having vehicle apart for a month, left 30-0300 unplugged by accident when key on @ shop, then plugged in and verified operation

lambda1 = onboard

lambda2= xseries1

re-loaded calibration info from tx2k that was working, no fb on lamdba2,  gauge displaying properly

unchecked lambda1 installed, key off commit, lambda fb1 no longer worked as expected when running.

selected lambda1+2 inputs as onboard and xseries1, assigned injectors to respective inputs.  

lamdafb1_active goes to 1 when criteria is met, lambdafb2_active stays 0 unless I fool with config while running..  After shutdown and restart lambda2fb_active stays 0 while lambda1fb_active goes to 1 when criteria is met.  

There is always a correct lambda2 value in datalogs, but stays open loop on that side of engine.

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My best guess from your

My best guess from your description is the X-series gauge is broadcasting an error code which will cause the ECU to stop trusting it for feedback. Check these channels, you may need to add them if they aren't in the default layout:


ErrXL1, this is the error flag from the X-series gauge, broadcast to the ECU via CAN.

ErrL2,  this channel captures the error flag from the various inputs that can be assigned as Lambda2.  For instance, it can grab the result of 'ErrorLambda2', 'ErrorLambda4', 'ErrXL1', or 'ErrXL2' depending on what you've selected as the Lambda2 input in the wizard.


Hope that helps,