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Looking for a couple of BETA users for AEMdata

Looking for a couple of BETA users for AEMdata to test some new features.

We have a new version of AEMdata that supports Video import/export with graphic overlay. It allows a user to import a video file and sync it with their logged data, allowing data analysis that includes a video component. The video file can come from any source but we are assuming most will come from GoPro's. But, the really new feature is the ability for a user to overlay gauges onto the video and then export the video with the new graphics included. This would create a new video with dynamic gauges, bar graphs, readouts, images, etc on the screen for you to upload to Forums, YouTube, Facebook, whatever.

We are looking for a few users who already use AEMdata with their Infinity ECU, Series-2 (or 1) ECU or an AQ-1 datalogger, and who currently data log and take videos, preferably with HD cameras (GoPro Hero etc...) to test this out. No street driving, no illegal garbage, Dyno or track use only. We have been using it in house for a while now and it is stable enough to let a few more people play with it.

If you are interested email me at jromero at aempower dot com with your setup and the types of videos you are interested in. Also, let me know your specific ECU or logger. If it matches with our needs I'll let you know.



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I am willing to help out.

I am willing to help out.


I have already done something similar to this using the data from my Series 2 exported via CSV file...  


I can attempt to recreate this video using your new software. 



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I am also willing to help, and glad to see the new website and forum ! It looks great !!

i am using an AQ1 on my motorcycle, a Kawasaki Zx6R used on racetrack only.

A few sensors are currently installed (Rpm, Tps, shock and fork travel, Gps at the moment), and I often use a Gopro in addition, so this integration with AemData is more than welcome !!



Ps: on another topic, do you plan to add google maps integration with the map, in order to see the racing line on top of the racetrack? It would be a great features for all kind of racing use !!

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I am interested in beta

I am interested in beta testing AEMdata on Series 1 and series 2 boxes.  I have 2 vehicles I'm specifically working on that I would like to overlay video utilizing your software for road coarse and time attack applications.  Please let me know.

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I have a Series 2 PnP to go

I have a Series 2 PnP to go with my Honda F20c that will go into my Lotus 7 replica in the next few months.  I also have the AiM Sport MXL Pista and SmartyCam from the previous configuration so I have the video with superimposed gauges capability now.  Should I convert over to your system in the future can you import AiM files.  In addition, I was wondering if there is currently a utility in your inventory that would allow me to compare two Tuner files to easily determine the differences.  I have several configurations that you provide with the tuner software, and I have some from L7 Honda FB friends around the world.  Being able to "profile" each configuration/workspace by features/options would be a great help in my learning process with your products.


Thanks in advance,