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lost tune from dead battery

i bought a car a year ago with fic 6 sat for a winter and battery died, replaced battery, ran fine for 10 mins, parked it and then it was really hard to start. finally got it started and runs super lean. wondering if the tune couldve got messed up or deleted. the point im at right now i just want to see if i can get it working for this summer because i just bought a full standalone i just dont want to tune this car when next winter i will be rebuilding the engine.

problem im having is connecting to it and i dont want to delete anything thats on it if there is anything. i get a cal file incompatible and have to update it before i can do anything. if the tune is gone i at least want to make sure if works so i can try to sell it. so any info on how to go about this would be great. i have no expereince with tuning or any of the software.