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Master list of ECU Functions

A Master list of all (most...any...) ecu variables would be very helpful in deciphering the Infinity platform. I have been sing the Infinity since its inception and still have no real idea what many of the functions are, or that they exist at all. A simple example was posted this week in the forum when "TrimMultiplier [%]" was mentioned as a total fuel trim applied to the base calculations (presumably trims applied on top of the base VE required fuel calc, however it is a bit unclear which parameters (air temp, baro, etc) are included in this verses "base" fueling). I was not aware of this in teh past, and quite frankly, the variable name itself doesnt really note that it is a fuel trim, ignition trim, Boost trim, or what kind of trim it may be referencing. 


There have been many such cases, along with an unknown number of "features" that arent really known to anyone outside of AEM. Many forum related helpful answers seem to uncover some new item of which most would not be aware unless it was stumbled upon. 

There is no real Help file, and the main user guide is packed with quite a bit of basic / generic FI and subsystem information which essentially takes away from actually being usable for the Infinity platform. 

Starting a spreadsheet with all of the loggable variables listed, along with a brief description of what each does woudl be a huge benefit and woudl likely reduce tech support inquires a great deal. If AEM are unable to provide such a list, perhaps starting a living document and having the users populate it with their interpretations of items is a potential solution. While the definitions coming directly from AEM wodul obviously be best, I would be happy to start a list if others are willing to provide input. 




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Interesting idea, but it will

Interesting idea, but it will start as a long list of channels without many descriptions yet. I'll email you a starting point, we can share it with others later.

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I agree. This system does so

I agree. This system does so many things, most go untouched. I'm also factory trained on another competitors' system and their "manual" is over an inch thick.

A "master" list would be great.