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Miata Plug-in-Play w/ ITBs

I've been running my 95 Miata on a Series 1 Plug & Play for many years now.  I have good fuel and ignition map for my current setup using MAP and a single throttle body.  However, I'm currently putting together a ITB/IRTB setup for my car to eliminate a weak point and give me some head room on future projects.   From my basic reading on ITB/IRTB tuning, it is typically best to go with a throttle based (alpha-N) and MAP hybrid tune.  Is there a route I can take to turn my current MAP only based fuel/ignition map into a hybrid MAP?   How would I go about doing so?

If there isn't a simple route to turn my current MAP into a hybrid setup, what is the best way to start up an alpha-n/MAP hybrid map?   From reading the documentation that comes with the Series 1,  I don't see much, if any, about setting up a throttle based tune.