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Microtech LT10c cd7L

Hi, sorry for the noob question just a bit confused. I'm planning on pairing my Cd7L dash to a microtech lt10c. I was wondering how would a wideband be connected to it so it can display AFR? Would I need a can hub? any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

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Good Morning,

Good Morning,

Looking at the Microtech dbc file (Microtech LT16c) it appears that the ecu will output afr data to the CD-7 over CAN. This is assuming of course that the wideband gauge is wired and configured correctly on the ECU side.

If your ecu does not support this function the AEM X-series Inline Wideband 30-0310 can be wiried directly to the AEM CD-7 display (PORT 1) using the AEMnet output. Simply import the X-series UEGO wideband DBC file and Only check the AFR1Ext channel. This will create an AFR output that can be added to any of the display screens.