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Mode switch and Veh speed issues

Mode switch, Cant get it to desplay anything for raw voltage. I have it set on input 16, and also tried input 19 both same result. Basically I tested the wire and am seeing 0-5v on the input wire depenind where the switch is. I plug it in and am showing nothing for the raw voltage on it. If I assign the exact same channel to gear, that desplays the correct raw voltage. So the wiring and switch all work. but for some reason the mode switch wont see anything.


For the vehicle speed issue, I'm using a stock wheel speed sensor setup from my 04 mustang. It's a 2 wire, 50 tooth setup. One wire goes to input one wire to ground. When monitoring ground speed mph I have to set the scaling to .001 for it to show 0 mph. According to the formula in the setup window I should have it set to .097, when set to that it shows 200+ mph. Also, which setting Vehicle speed to work off of ground speed, I get nothing displayed. If I set the scaler for ground speed to .001, and spin the wheel it will go from 0 to 5mph or so, but the vehicle speed never moves. 


I'm sure I'm doing something wrong on these setups but have spent a few hours trying different inputs for everything, going over wiring, testing, reading the manual, etc etc.