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is my v2 fried?

purchased my v2 about a year ago second hand. I plugged it into the car and made sure everything powered on to ensure it wasnt fried. At the time, the car was NA-T with a COP conversion to mimic the gte ignition system, i had dropped it off to the tuner and he could never get it running (he said he could never get the cam/crank signal in sync correctly and he believed that was the issue) and later found out the timing was off after taking the car back to my house. I then tried to fire the car on the AEM and had no luck at that point even with what i was told to be a known working map from another car. I got sick of messing with it and decided to GTE VVT-I swap the chassis with a new tweak'd performance harness and go back to big single on this motor. It is now almost time to finish up and bring the car to a new tuner. However, im a little concerned the ecu may have been an issue since we never got it running on this ecu. Is there any possible way to ensure this ecu is alright before spending the money on a jumper harness from tweak'd for the AEM ECU? I appreciate all the help in advance.

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You can pay to have our

You can pay to have our repairs department to inspect the ECU, email emstech(at) and they can get you info about pricing and turnaround time. Make sure they know you want to run a VVT-i engine on that ECU, and request that they modify the cam & crank input circuits accordingly. The sensors in the VVTi engine are different than the older engines, and cam/crank sensor circuits on Series2 EMS units had specific hardware to work with the intended vehicle's sensors.


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