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NA-T 2JZ start up cal

Whats up guys, I currently am trying to run a AEM V2 TT ecu on my NA-T supra with COP conversion while still utilizing the dizzy for cam/crank signal. I have a KNOWN WORKING GTE map loaded onto the ecu but can not get it to fire. The car will fire on the oem TT ecu but will not fire on the AEM V2. Anybody have a start up cal for this setup or tell me what needs to be changed? Been looking for weeks and havent found much.

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A decent tuner should be able

A decent tuner should be able to get that up and running for you but you may run into a problem with cam signal noise. The 6100 Supra TT ECU is specifically engineered for use with the 2JZ-GTE cam sensor. The 6101 SC300 ECU has specific signal filtering mods to work with the 2JZ-GE distributor. You may want to contact Tech Support about having your ECU modded to 6101 spec.