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Need education on idle/cold start setup EMS H22

Hello Forum! I really hope to find a few nice people helping me out. Ive read the full manual and i think iam okay with the AEMPro now. My Prelude BB1(stock) is running fine, at least above 1000rpm.

Ive used the Basemap (1040 Preulde Accord) as start. Ive set the Air/Fuel on crusing to 15-17 and 12.8 on WOT. This worked really good for me with aggressive preignition. (OEM EP3 values ~30degree) Its running strong and the economy on crusing became so much better. The ignition is set and the throtthle range aswell!

Right now its summertime, 20-30 degree °C outside. When i try to start the car with the basemap its startng like a two stroke for teh first 10-30 seconds. With my modification it became even worse. I smeel fuel on startup, but afr says ~14 ! Also, the car stalls sometimes stopping at a light or corner!

So my problems are

1) why is it running like a two stroke when water is less then ~50 degree?

2.) Why does the car keep stalling randomly when clutching?

When i plug the Stock p13 ECU its all fine. The car has new spark plugs, wires, distributor, fuel filter..

2)Ive tried to play with the idle Settings to prevent it from stalling by enlarging the idle when its -300 rpm offset and such. all what happend is that the car totally ignoring if its under its set idle(800rpm). so when it goes to 500rpm, it takes 4 seconds till it slwoly goes up to 800 again. so it happens then it stalls slowly and unnoticed.

1) I must miss a setting. all i can find is "initial crank pulse table" and "Start extra decay". Just for testing i put the 20 degree value to 100degree value(there teh car starts without problems) but it feels like the change isnt happing. i cant notice any effect whatever i type.

I hope you guys can give me an advice where to start to eliminate the problem and wich values are usual (manual didnt got me any further :( )