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need help no crank issue,

hi guys need some aem help!!
1994 supra singe turbo aem v2 car,  in jan, pulled motor, car ran fine , perfect for 3 years, put a built motor in of same specs, and tried to 1st start on new motor,  no luck, did the usual things, checked all connections under and on top, checked all grounds, tried to start again, had laptop open to watch sensors,etc, seems ok, sprayed a little start fluid, in and walla it starts runs for 3 minutes, then i kill it to tidy up a few things, go to start again no start, pull plugs dry?  like no fuel,  i figured it could be a cam, crank sensor since that controls start, i go ahead replace both cam sensors and crank with ones from other motor which ran perfect, still nothing,  i have exhausted everything i can think of, and almost wore starter out trying different things, adding , start fuel, etc in aem program , nothing changes,  i have timing gun out ready to recheck and sync timing but cannot get a flash during cranking , so i think im seeing a no fuel or spark issue, but if i spray a little start fluid it runs foe 10 secs,  i have fuel in rail and pressure is good, checked all that, pump primes, im using everything exactly from other motor, sensors, intake fuel injectors etc from other setup,   i have log for start attempt if anyone can decipher what im missing,  it is over my head now,  just ready to start my new engine and break in!!

any help would really be appreciated from fellow aem supra guys out there,

i have a start log i can upload as well as map,     car has been fine for 3 years , it has to be something im missing!!!


2018-04-15 1214 PC Log (2).daq

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Moved your post to the

Moved your post to the appropriate forum and inserted your log attachment. Stat Sync'd is not coming on. You will have no fuel or spark unless Stat Sync'd is on. Looks to me like no cam signal is being received. You've tried two sensors - maybe it's time to check your wiring.

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i just tried 3 different

i just tried 3 different sensors, 1 brand new,  and useda  multimeter to continiuty both cam sensor wires, and they are fine all the way back to ecu, then i checked impedance of sensor at ecu , all within spec,   the crank is working fine as you can see in log,   what is chance of aem not recognizing the sensor, i googled searched and some peoplpe were havetrouble with ecu and to send in,    any thoughts.

please need help

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Move crank input wire to cam

Move crank input wire to cam and see if the signal is picked up. If it is, the problem is isolated to the wiring or the cam sensor.

If crank signal does not show when inserted into cam input, contact Tech support at 1800-423-0046  ext.303 for an RMA # so that you can send your unit in.