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.NET issues on XP

I keep having issues with aemupdater.exe not running due to not being able to find a version of .NET to run the tool. I HAVE .NET 4 installed so I dunno what the issue is. Has anyone had this issue on XP? My tuner laptop is XP due to requirements for tuning hardware being behind in the O/S world.. AQ-1 data aquisition software and AEMData work fine. It's just the updater that won't run.

Which version of AQ-1 are you

Which version of AQ-1 are you using? Did you download from this page? http://aemelectronics.com/?q=products/support/software-downloads

The aemupdater.exe is used to fetch software updates, it's OK to run AQ-1 without the ameupdater.exe.