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New UEGO reads normal then goes full lean

Hi there.  So...I've recently installed a brand new UEGO and wideband sensor on my SBF powered Pinto running a 650 CFM Quick Fuel vacuum secondary 4 bbl.  At first, it read correctly at idle and went rich when I hit the gas...which is what I expected.  However, after about the first 10 minutes of driving, it started to creep toward lean when there's no way it should have, given my current state of tune, then went full lean and stayed there.  I discovered that I had an exhaust leak at the header flange (the sensor is installed about 4 inches after the flange, and the primaries are *very* long), which I corrected (loose bolts at the flange).  I checked the gasket and it is still good.  I can neither hear nor feel any further exhaust leaks upstream from the sensor. Now upon startup, the gauge goes through its startup thing, reads 14.7 at idle and then, within 30 seconds, goes full lean and no amount of over-carbed throttle changes that.  What am I doing wrong, here...?

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Hey Entropy,

Hey Entropy,

Send me an email at emstech@aempower.com so we can get this sorted out for you.