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NLTS and lean time

I just configured my NLTS settings with 3STEP. 
Worked flawless, but Im concerned about the time that the engine maintain on a lean condition.

I tuned the IGN CUT and FUEL CUT to the same RPM (I dont want the ANTI LAG with IGN RETARD). I know that a lot of people uses FUEL CUT only, but looking at my logs the engine stay on a LEAN condition for about 500rpm and I dunno how bad is that.

Maybe I have to put IGN CUT before FUEL CUT ?

There are some KNOCK IGN RETART uppon gear changes too.

Here is my logfile: NLTS cut fuel ignition.daq

Any help will be very welcome... 



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I think you're believing what

I think you're believing what your wideband O2 is telling you a little too much. Something is making your O2 read incredibly slow. Think about it reasonably - you're only cutting fuel for around 100ms and then the injectors come right back on. If your AFR was spot on before using 3 Step, why would it be so off after? The answer is that it wouldn't be. Log 3 Step and Fuel Inj X Pulse and you'll see exactly how long the injectors are off for. I'd say you have more of an O2 setup problem than a 3 Step configuration problem. As a test, bring the engine speed up to like 3k and then make a very dramatic change in active cell of the fuel map and see how long it takes for the O2 sensor to respond. If you use leaded race gas, you may have lead fouled the sensor which will make it read much more slowly.

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I have 2 sensors as you can

I have 2 sensors as you can see on my log, O2 #1 and O2 #2 a few inches lower than 1st one (#1 is an old 30-2300 UEGO box and #2 is a new UEGO gauge). 
both of then are giving lean conditions, one slower than other.
Do you think it is a mistake on my CAL at O2 configuration? Here is my cal: balla 38 trackday 20psi

Talking about the time, 100ms is realy so quick to the engine on the lean condition.

Another thing that I see is the TPS on gear changes, I never left the foot off, why is it reading less than 100% (something like %60 or %70) ?

2004 Lancer Evolution 8 GSR