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No spark on KA24DET

Hello all! Ive got a 95 240sx with a boosted ka24de engine. I have an AEM Infinity 506 ECU with a Boomslang plug and play harness. The issue i am having is no spark, i am running the factory distributor with the internal coil. Ive got the ecu powered up and am going through to setup wizard. When I get to the cam/crank sensor section I am at a loss. There is no option to select for my engine option period. I know that on the older EMS applications there was a AEM trigger disk you could install into the distributor and the ECU gave you that option when doing the setup. On this ECU im not getting anything. Ive got the only firmware option in the AEM site downloaded and uploaded to the ECU. Im not sure what to do. Any help would be great, Thanks in advance.