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no stat sync or tach signal

car is a '99 infiniti G20T with sr20ve turbo. running AEM series2. car ran fine for months, on the way home one afternoon i had an electrical issue and lost all power to everything except my headlights. checked all fuses under hood and dash, found a blown main fuse under hood. i replaced that and got the car off the road, checked over all wiring for what could have caused the fuse to blow but found nothing. after all this the car would no longer start, if i use the key i do not get a tach signal or stat sync. if i remove the distributor and turn it by hand i get a tach signal and stat sync. i have power and ground at the coil and distributor, all connections are good at both distributor and ecu, did not find any brakes in the harnss. could this be an issue with the distributor or possibly the ecu?