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PC Logging Hangup Workaround

This issue came about long ago in a software update and has been a real annoyance.  It appeared to be linked to greater processor demand when a 3D table was open in the tab being logging from.  All of my logging was done in a tab with only a channels list window which did seem to help, but I'd still see multiple hangups in the channels which was worse with more channels.  I assumed it was due to an insufficiently powerful computer.  It was present on my old i3 processor laptop from 2014 but it's still present with my 2019 i7 Lenovo.  I found no improvement messing with my integrated graphics settings (AEMTuner doesn't seem to work with my Nvidia MX130 card).

So, here's my workaround to get clean, glitch-free PC datalogs.  It's really simple, just set up a tab with only a channels list window and resize it to hide all the channels.  It's not convenient or nice for tuning but it's the only way I've found that gives me perfect PC logging.

You can see in the AEMTuner screenshot what I mean by resizing the window to hide all the channels.  There are 89 channels in there all set to Fast (50Hz) and in a 32 minute log I can't find a single hangup in the data.  2nd screenshot shows results from when tables are open in the tab and the channels list is sized to hide all of them.  Effectively 7Hz logging.  :(  It seems that any time the screen shows anything moving like a trace point or channel value, AEMTuner struggles.  Next screenshot shows results with only a channels window open, sized to normal so all are visible, but only 10 or so total channels.  Better, but still get hangups.  Last is from the 32 minute, 89 channel log using the AEMTuner tab shown in 1st screenshot.  Perfect.

I've searched but haven't found anyone else who's dealt with and fixed this issue.  If you know of a better way, please share.

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Thanks for sharing that

Thanks for sharing that helpful tip Kurt.  Do you guys know if InfinityTuner has the same problem?

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Infinity is a completely

Infinity is a completely different system with no lineage to the Series 2 whatsoever.