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My instrument cluster is having intermittent issue with rpm dropping to zero, water temp going to max on the scale and traction control + abs +brake warning light on. Engine is running fine though. I did not have this issue before I update the new firmware in which came out in January. I tried to diagnose it and found out that when I turn the ignition to on, the 'Check Engine Light' warning light flickered on and off. I have to wait for it finish flickering before cranking the engine. If I start the engine when it is still flickering, the problem comes back. Also, when I disconnect te ABS/DSC connector, the problem is gone (but the traction control + abs + brake light is on because the connector is disconnected). I checked using diagnostic tool and for the fault and it came out with no can bus on ABS/DSC and Instrument cluster. Never had this issue with OEM ecu. 

I have the same issue with this guy who posted it on youtube.

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