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Problems with logging after update to 2.1.14


after I upgraded to 2.1.14 (and upgraded firmware on my CD7L) there seems to be problems with logging values and use them in AEM Data analasys tool.

I have even tried to load a generic setup with dash designer2, but the problem is still there..

some values work,others show huge numbers (example: CoolantTemp shows a value of 19984723346456528 but on the actual dash it shows 21C)

Im useing Link G4+ Thinder connected with CAN and loaded the "default" LinkG4+_Rev1.aemcan file on CAN port 2.

however, the CAN channels that I have manualy created works.. only diffrence is that those are sent with Extended IDs.

any ides whats going on?... it used to work before

Dial Retro Carbon-test.aemcd7