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RB26dett 30-1623U EMS oil temp and pressure sensor install

I'm looking at my installation pin out and i was confused about which pins to use. From what I have read, it seems I may need a 2.2k ohm resistor in order to use the oil temp sensor.  Is this true? Does my ECU have it pre installed?  If I need it, where do I install it?

The following is how I planned to wire.  Is this correct?

Oil Temp sensor PN 30-2011       pin 37 - signal input,  pin 30 - sensor ground,  pin 48 - 5V power for sensor

Oil Pressure  30-2131-150            Pin 104 - signal input, pin 48 - 5V power for sensor


Can I tap pin 48 for the 5V power for both sensors? 

Is the 2.2K ohm resistor placed in between signal input and the ECU or the 5V source from the ECU to the sensor? 



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Temp sensors aren't "powered"

Temp sensors aren't "powered" by 5v.  A temp sensor is basically just a temp sensitive resistor.  One pin of the sensor connects to sensor ground and the other pin is the input to the ECU.  The ECU doesn't directly read resistance but instead reads voltage (0-5v).  You make the temp sensor output a voltage signal by adding in the resistor you mentioned.  This resistor is called a "pull-up" resistor and it effectively "pulls the voltage up" to some higher level - in this case, 5v.  So, one pin goes to sensor ground and the other pin goes to the ECU and that same wire to the ECU will have one leg of the 2.2k ohm resistor connected to it and the other leg of the resistor goes to 5v.  The resistor is NOT applied in series as you mentioned.  It must be applied as a pull up as I've described.

The pressure sensor is a transducer and it references sensor power (5v) and sensor ground (0v) and outputs something between those two values.