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Repair Service For AEM Series 1 EMS Engine Management System.

This is a repair service.

You may or may not know but AEM has stopped offering service on the series 1 EMS computer boxes. 

 You must send us your damaged or not working AEM series 1 EMS engine management system computer box and we will bench test and troubleshoot.  Repair any found defect and return back to you.  Included complete report of components replaced and inspected with test results.  All work is warranty for 1 year.

Things that can be repaired:

Injectors Drivers
Coil Drivers
5V sensor circuit and sensor ground
High sided Drivers
Low sided Drivers
IDLE circuits
Analog circuit
PW circuits
Cam circuit
Crank circuit
VSS circuit
Relay circuit
Voltage regulator circuit
Verify stat sync
Damaged visible traces
Wipe firmware locked boxes
Slight water damage
Set to factory specs
Набор для кс спецификациях 
Update EMS to latest mods and revisions


Warranty: For warranty you must send in your AEM EMS computer box for inspection.  We will replace at no cost any defects  and materials of the components we replaced the first time.  If a different problem is detected an option to repair will be provided.  Contact us for more information email          We also deal with the repair of other ECU                         AEM , Megasquirt , Motec ,Link ,Adaptronic , Data Loggers, Dashboards, and other electronic systems.