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RSX + Infinity

Will the Infinity ECU run an otherwise stock RSX when using the K series adapter? If not what would be needed? Gauges as well, Thanks in advance. 

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The stock gauge cluster in

The stock gauge cluster in the RSX used a unique communications protocol, and the Infinity isn't designed to work with it. Most of our K-series customers seem to be swaps or stripped-down racecars, and the people we contacted during early R&D said they would prefer a cheaper / simpler adapter harness without RSX dash support. The OEM tachometer will probably work, but the other gauges like coolant and vehicle speed will not. The Infinity ECU will broadcast most of the channels you need via CAN, so you could use a few different gauges or dashes that receive and display CAN info. 

Our AEMnet gauge is one of the smallest and least expensive solutions:



Our CD5 and CD7 motorsports dash displays are nice if you're planning to replace the OEM cluster completely.


There are other compatible CAN gauges and displays including those from AiM, BTI, Plex, and a few others.




Hope that helps,