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Scramble Boost Set-up somehow?

I know many people have suggested to add a "Coolant Pressure Fail-safe" and that would be awesome.

The other thing that many ecu's have that I would like to see on the infinity software is a "scramble boost" option.  On many of the cars I set up they are using the "trim knob" to control boost.  Many of my "no prep" racers can set their cars up themselves without me being present just by using the boost target knob based on traction conditions and what the track can hold.  There are times though when they want a little more in the middle of a race, and reaching for the knob is not only difficult, but also if the car starts to loose grip its hard to then twist it back.  It really would be nice to have a monetary button so they can just push to add X psi, and let go to drop it back down.

Anyone know of an easy work around to maybe add an input that might do this to a boost target table without eating up the rotary boost switch input?



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You can do this, but it might

You can do this, but it might have to be use other behavior in Infinity Tuner to get the desired behavior. I think the easiest thing to do this with would be a 0-5V analog input due to how Infinity Tuner gives you an option to select a lot of analog input signals as an axis for a boost target table. Get a momentary switch, and either build a voltage divider if you do an ON-OFF-ON momentary (you could have ALL OF IT as one setting, and maybe another that gives a couple psi more for instance), or you could just have the switch put 5V back to the Infinity (I'd put a 1k ohm resistor in series just so you're not dumping a ton of current off the 5V bus). 

So then you put it on an analog input, and the easy button if you don't already have a 12 position mode switch is to just assign it to that. Then create a boost target table that references your mode switch and you'll see the reference change in the table as you hit the momentary switch.


If you already have a mode switch, I'm honestly not sure if the Infinity supports a 2nd general one. It'll do one Mode Switch for general referencing, and one via the TC target reference, but I don't think you can have two mode switches (maybe v96.4 will do that? one can wish...). But if you already have a mode switch, just set it to something you're not using like EBP or Coolant Pressure sensor etc. that you can also reference in a boost target table and then set it up as above. Will have to make up a sensor cal etc. 


Sometimes the "ease of use" of a wizard is a double edge sword, where you can't do something in a straightforward method, but generally there's enough functionality in Infinity Tuner to do most things with some thinking. 

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How about a momentary switch

How about a momentary switch combined with your mode switch input. When the switch is at rest, the connection could just be a pass through from the mode switch resistor. When depressed, have a fixed resistor in series that would be at the high end of the mode switch (say, "position 10).

When the switch is at rest, the mode switch would work as "normal".

When depressed, it would be "mode 10" regardless of switch position.

Note, this would not necessarily be a "adder", rather a substitution. The 10 position would have to be pre programmed to be the selected boost profile plus the added value.

Not sure how to make it a true "press button get 3psi more" button.


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Use a 2nd 12 position knob

Use a 2nd 12 position knob and use a momentary button to switch between the knobs using relay (no diode, no cap) 30-ecu,87a-knob 1,87-knob 2.  energize relay with momentary button.  Set knob 1 for your target boost, set knob 2 for scramble


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OOOhhhh JLEVIN you might have

OOOhhhh JLEVIN you might have it!


All you guys great feedback and idea's.  I really like Jlevin's idea because YES, we do already have a monetary switch set up for targiting boost.  This way if I am not present the client can set his boost without me there and no laptop on the surface.  But when your barely loosing you gotta be able to hit some sort of "scamble" and jump the boost up a few PSI.

I really like Jlevins idea because then not only can the main table to tuned but also the scamble "jump amount" can be tuned by the user very easily through a knob. 

I like your idea of using a relay.  Run the relay so that the main mod position switch is on pin 87a output, and then when a "scramble button" is pressed on the steering wheel it will switch the output that the infinity is seeing to pin 87 which is on the mod switch set up for "scamble".

OH MAN LOVE IT GUYS!  Really appreciate the feedback.