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How to send Series 1 Serial Port Data to a CD-5/7 Digital Dash

Serial data ECU owners rejoice! AEM has created Plug & Play CAN bus Communication Harnesses that convert the datastream from the serial data ports on AEM Series 1, Hondata KPro1-3 and MoTeC M4/M48/M8/MLS/M2R programmable ECUs into AEMdata CAN bus for display and logging on CD Carbon Digital Dash Displays! These adapter cables provide a one-plug connection and are already configured in DashDesign 2.0 software to import, making them easy to setup and configure.

The Serial-to-CAN adapter harness for the AEM Series 1 EMS (PN 30-2228) supports 21 channels of data for displaying and logging on a CD Carbon Digital Dash for 51 Series 1 EMS part numbers and two MOPAR Performance part numbers for the MOPAR 5.7 & 392 Crate Engine Packages

Click the link below for supported part numbers and available channels:

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This is nice!

This is nice!

Would this also work with my RaceTechnology Dash2Pro?