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setting up AemNet k-type egt sensors

hi so i cant seem to figure out how to setup the new k-type egt sensor module using the aemnet can system. its on a infinity 5 box with a kseries platform engine i wired it how it said to be wired right inline with the rest of the aemnet stuff, cd7 dash,dynamic control module egt box then the infinity5. but for the life of me i cannot find how to set it up or even find it in the software

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On the AEM Infinity ecu a new

On the AEM Infinity ecu a new firmware version was released about a week ago. After loading the new firmware to your ecu the EGT channels will be avalible in your channel list for logging and when creating a new text grid for viewing data.

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You need to have the latest

You need to have the latest version of firmware flashed in your ECU for it to receive the EGT1-EGT8 channels via AEMnet, those files were added to just a couple weeks ago (late August) so you may need to log in and download the latest .pakgrp file for your ECU. Be sure to save a copy of your calibration and your USB channel logging list, the logging list doesn't get saved when flashing firmware.

With the latest version in your ECU, there are eight new channels, EGT1 [C] - EGT8 [C] that get received via the CAN A wires for viewing or logging. You don't need to do any other setup in the software, just make sure the EGT module is powered on and connecting to the ECU's CAN A wires. We didn't do an InfinityTuner software update, but I've attached a new layout file that includes a plot of EGT1-EGT8 data on the CylFuelTrims page.


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