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SR20 VCT/VVT tick

So just threw in the S2, with the base cal that came with software, but its changed from MAP to MAF as I have not switch the engine over yet. Right after install and flash, it seems like the VCT system is constantly ticking like it is engaging and disengaging. Happens when the vehicle is off, and key is out, with key in acc, and stops when key in the on position. Seems to happen again when the engine is running but harder to tell.

I cannot for the life of me find the setting in AEMTuner, as I already looked through the VVC setting and everything is zeroed out. Could it just be that because it is all zeroed out, the car is constantly trying to engage and disengage the system? And if it was just that would I just need to set the points to like 1500rpm and 5500rpm or whereabouts to stop it?