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"Standard" GPIO Assignments???

Hi -- I'm just starting the wiring harness with the EMS4 and was wondering if there are any prefered channels assignment for various accesories ??

I saw where Channel 2 was used for the fuel pump relay --


I was wondering about an intercooler pump (which I've just assigned on other systems as another fuel pump); 

and the Tach lead;

and the IAC (and a possible wiring diagram for a ford 2-wire) -- any  channels I should use for them???



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1-4 are Basic Analog while 5

1-4 are Basic Analog while 5-8 are Analog/Freq.

Feel free to run the pump and tach to any available GPIO you may have. Your IAC Valve needs to be wired to GPIO 5-8 since it needs to be pulsed.