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Stat Sync on Gen 1 DSM GSX with 6310

Hello All,

I'm trying to upgrade to my Series 2 from my series 1 1300 box. I purchased a second hand 6310 and made a jumper harness to adapt to it. I've went through the wizard in the series 2 aem tuner software and chose all the options for the gen 1 dsm and even entered the mag/vr sensor sensitivity options from the aempro to the aem tuner software.

From my understanding the Gen 1 DSM doesn't have an actual Crank Sensor that it runs off the Cam Sensor pickup. Can the Series 2 run the same? Or does it actually need a Crank Signal?


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The Series 1 1300 was

The Series 1 1300 was replaced by the Series 2 6300 so yeah, it'll run a 1G DSM engine with stock CAS. You'd probably be better off just loading the 6300 1G DSM base cal.