Subaru Forester MY99 with 30-1810 AEM v2 | AEM
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Subaru Forester MY99 with 30-1810 AEM v2


I opened this post to begin with a new proyect, it is a Forester GT 1999, called Forester Turbo S, depending on market.

I am running Ecutek on it and will go to next level because of old ECU technology. I plan to use AEM EMS 30-1810U ECU with a patch hardness to fit it to the car as "plug and play"

I got and old bad ECU and a new Greedy patch (cheap one) to get both sides connected (WRX2002 males and Forester 99 Turbo female connectors).

I am refreshing the engine and will start fitting all this soon

I am interested on a based 6/7 wheel, calibration to start with! I read something about removing some of the teeth but will prefer to keep them as they are...

I know is a difficult task, but I will try... if someone has someone to start will I will appreciate the help