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Supra MK4 T67

Hi guys, looking for some advise. I have a Supra that was mapped on AEM v1 around 6 years ago. Engine setup is as follows, T67dbb 0.68 A/R precision turbo as part of boost logic turbo kit, 264 intake and exhaust cam, 720cc injectors, HKS ignition booster, Aeromotive FPR - fuel pressure set at ~40psi (2x walbro 255), powerhouse oil pump, AEM UEGO guage which is primary reference for ECU. ECU was setup to manage 2 boost pressures, one at 1.1bar and the 2nd at 1.4bar. The trouble I have is, the cold start is very difficult, usually taking me 3-4 attempts. The other thing is the warm idle can be hit and miss, sometimes it hunts, and other times it will cut out all together (especially when coming to a stop - i.e. traffic lights etc.). I have noticed recently that when on cold start it idles better, then when up to temperature it appears to start leaning itself out till the guage says it 16-17:1. What I really want, is to rule out the map as an issue, and as I don't know enough about it I'm struggling - I have been trying to compare it to other peoples I have found here and on supraforums, but they are so different to mine it leaves me drawing a blank. I have been replacing parts in the last 6 months to try and cure the strange issues, replacing the engine temp sensor, the whole of the IACV and associated parts, all VAC hoses. I was possibly thinking about replacement of crank/cam sensors next, then possibly engine harness.... Anyway, I have posted a link to my map below, if anyone can look it would be much appreciated.

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this is just a tuning issue

this is just a tuning issue on the calibration...i have seen this very problem hundreds of times. If you pm me your email I will adjust the map and email it to you.