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Throttle pedal settings

I've been trying to set up my throttle and pedal in the tuner. Going through the DBW wizard I end up with a throttle pedal at 20% when it should be at zero. The ramp up to 100% is smooth with no jumps and it's not clipped off at the top. Am I missing something basic?

Setup is a 24x ls engine with ls3 throttle body if that makes any difference.


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Most DBW throttles will have
Most DBW throttles will have two return springs inside, so the blade is not fully closed when resting with the electrical connector disconnected. This is to let the engine idle high enough to limp the car around if the DBW motor loses electrical power. This 'rest position' tends to be somewhere around 5-20% of the throttle blade's full travel. If the DBW motor applies energy in the closing direction, it can overpower the second return spring and force the blade fully closed... most OEM setups are applying a little bit of energy to close the throttle slightly when the engine is idling below 1500 RPM.
You will usually be able to hear a 'hum' or 'whine' sound from the throttle motor when the ECU is running the DBW throttle. It should sound similar to this video:  There are a few different errors that could cause the ECU to disable the DBW outputs. If the throttle doesn't move at all when you press the accelerator pedal, that is probably what has happened.
A customer made some pretty good videos describing how to configure DBW settings, they are worth watching:
Hope that helps,