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Traction Control?

How are yall using the Traction control feature on the AEM standalone? are we tapping into the wheel speed sensors? or???

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The ECU needs at least one

The ECU needs at least one speed input from a front wheel speed sensor and one input from a rear wheel speed sensor. The Coyote engine uses lots of frequency inputs for the Ti-VCT camshaft control, this makes it tricky if you want to measure all four wheel speeds. There are only three VR speed inputs (for 2-wire variable-reluctance speed sensors) available, so you need to use at least one of the digital speed inputs (for 3-wire hall effect sensors) if you want to measure both left and right speed for the front wheels. We're also aware of customers who have installed VR sensors on all 4 corners and added an external VR-to-digital converter module for the front left wheel speed input. From there you configure the Traction Control settings to tell the ECU how much slip is allowed (many people use a multi-position knob to change the amount of slip allowed) and what reactions the ECU should take when too much slip is measured. It can retard timing, decrease DBW throttle position, cut spark on some or all cylinders depending on how much slip is detected. For example, you can configure to retard a little timing if there is a little slip, then more timing retard plus a partial spark cut if there is a lot of slip.


If you have a very fast drag car that lifts the front tires, the front wheel signal is not going to work well for traditional front vs rear speed traction control. Another option for power management is to use the Launch Timer and the 3-step tables to prevent too much tire slip during a run. If the car has clutch or a trans brake, that to one of the inputs available for the ECU's 'Clutch Switch' function. That input 'Clutch Switch' is used for arming and activating the Launch Timer function, use the wizard page 'Launch Timer' to configure the other conditions such as minimum throttle and min time the switch must be held to arm the timer. The timer will activate when you release the switch to launch the car.

Note that you can also configure the 3-step rev limit tables to limit RPM based on the launch timer value (LaunchRampTime [ms]), you can set this to limit if the Engine Speed gets too much higher than it should during a normal run with good traction. That won't necessarily make you faster, but it can help salvage a run or at least regain a little control if the track conditions are slicker than you had planned for.


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