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Turbo s2000 aem series 1

Quick question I have an aem series one ecu and when I turn the key on engine off the fuel pump won't prime but when I switch it to the oem it will prime any suggestions,but with both ecu the engine will crank

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The fuel pump prime and

The fuel pump prime and configuration is managed through the Options | Configure Outputs menu. 

On the Outputs tab verify that whatever output is controlling the fuel pump (Should be LS11) has the Functions Active checkbox checked and that "Fuel Pump" is selected.

Then select the Functions tab and then Fuel Pump.  Make sure that the Fuel Pump has a prime value set.


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Keep in mind that there are

Keep in mind that there are temp criteria for triggering outputs.  Now that it's winter, it could be cold enough that somethings don't turn on if the trigger thresholds aren't low enough.