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UEGO 30-4100 reads full lean...brand new

I seem to be running into the same issue many people on this and other forums are running into. I purchased a  30-4110 wideband, installed new, when harness is unplugged gauge reads 14.7 (running or just with acc on) and stays. When harness is plugged in, car reads 14.7 for a few seconds, then with ten seconds climbs through the digits until full lean "---" displayed. If you shut the car off and back on again, goes through same symptoms. Car is definitely not running lean, if anything it is running rich. What the heck is up with this thing?? I feel like everything was done, wired, and fitted properly. HELP!


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Im having the same issue, I

Im having the same issue, I checked to make sure I had good ground and I even switched the grounds out to make sure that wasnt the issue and the same thing happens. Right on startup it goes straight lean.


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Hello , just installed and

Hello , just installed and started seems worked right . Just  ride around to see that something is going wrong . Shows 10 always , also on full throttle acceleration.   Number changes only on release the pedal .  Seems is working opposite . Did someone solve this problem . My car is stock 289 fastback and edelbrock 500 is setted lean with rods and jets. 

Thanks if someone can help me 


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Please contact Tech Support :

Please contact Tech Support : 1-800-423-0046