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VE tables showing all 0's in Live View while driving

Hey all, 

new user, new to AEM infinity - impressed with the capabilities so far.

I recently started a PC log (my tuner had told me that he setup all the channels he wanted datalogged while he was tuning the car) and while in the Live View, the VE table just shows 0's across the board. You can see where the cursor is when revving the engine, but as I stated above - it just shows 0's. 

Am I doing something wrong? I read a forum post that said to reload the layout but everytime I do that, nothing changes.

Any help is appreciated!



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The VETable will show all

The VETable will show all zero's if it has been locked with a password. When locked, the ECU will keep storing and using the numbers from the tuner but the interface software won't display the table values or let you make changes. A good way to double-check is to connect to the ECU and go to File >> Save Session. If the ECU is locked a warning message will be displayed since a file saved from a locked ECU would have zeros instead of the tuner's values for those tables. Check with the tuner if you need help unlocking the password-protected tables, they would need to tell you the password or connect with their laptop and unlock it for you.


Hope that helps,