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Video encode failure


I converted a GoPro video, synched it with the data, added some gauges, and it all works great, but the video won't encode. When I go through the encoding process, it shows complete in a few seconds, and I get a dialog box that gives me the option to reveal the file in Explorer. When I click on the "Okay" radio button in the dialog box, a new dialog box entitled "AEMdata" appears with a red "X" in it and a radio button that says "Okay"

When I click on the second "Okay" button, it returns me to the program. When I check the target directory, a .webm file is created with 0 bytes, as well as a small file (4 kb) that has a .webm.~AEMDTMP extension.

I'm running on a a Gateway laptop, Windows 8 OS

Any ideas?