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Video integration GoPro


are there plans to support GoPro Videos in .mp4 file format directly? (Like is supposed with the advertised feature " HD Video integration (GoPro, RePlay XD, Sony etc…)" )

The first problem is that the webm converter, which was part of the AEM Data Software, doesn't work. It always crashes! I found another thread  in this forum regarding this issue, without a answer.

Then I had to look online for a working webm converter. I finally found one, but it takes 3-4 hours to just convert a 1080p video from a single turn (20-30 minutes video material).

So in the end the video function is not usable on a racetrack, where you maybe want to check the data with video overlay between the turns. And even when you want to do it at the end of the day, then like already said it takes a very long time to convert the video files and you can't use your laptop for anything else then.