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VRT Randomly dies at idle?



This is my first post so sorry if its in the wrong spot or something like that.


so...I have the PnP infinity ecu on a 01 jetta vr6 and she runs and all that but at idle it will randomly just die, i have noticed that my lambda maps are where i want them and the same with the VE maps but intermitenly it will drop to 10 on lambda and flood itslef to the point where it dies...anyone have any input on something im missing.


the requested lambda is 14 at idle but like i said its going from 14 to 17 to 10 and eventually floods itself and then there are times when it will idle fine for a long period of time and time when it will idle for 12 seconds and die.

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Have you had this vehicle

Have you had this vehicle tuned? What wideband sensor is being used? Is wideband Feedback on or off?