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Water/meth injection and EGR antilag

Hi all,

Unsure if this has been asked before, but probably not as its quite specific. I want to know if water/meth (50/50) injection is compatible with EGR antilag. By EGR antilag I mean air is taken after the intercooler (and before the throttle body) and injected in the exhaust manifold, and ignition retarded with fuel to keep turbo spooling off throttle. This is well known to everyone I would think.

I want to know if using water/meth injection can cause issue with running aggressive EGR antilag. Basically the spray nozzles would be located after the intercooler, but before the EGR valve and before the recirculating dump valve. Would this be an issue?

Water/meth injection would be stopped as soon as going from full throttle to off-throttle of course, but there would maybe still be some water/methanol going through the EGR valve and into the exhaust manifold/turbo. Would that cause problems if that is the case? Not to mention the dump valve that would also get some of the mixture and recirculate it in the turbocharger.

Thanks in advance for the help :)

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I've always known that to be

I've always known that to be "rally antilag" and I can't really foresee a reason why running water/methanol injection when in high load boost would present any kind of "problem". I don't have any first hand experience with this kind of setup nor do I think there is likely to be anyone else on this forum with a definitive answer to your question. You'll probably just need to try it for yourself to see.