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What happened to the AEM Dyno Shaft?

Was it discontinued because of sales or technical reasons? Is it still supported?

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I wasn't closely involved in

I wasn't closely involved in the project, but from what I remember the main problem was on the sales side. The challenge I remember was that not every customer who wanted one could actually buy and install one. It required the customer to purchase new drivetrain parts with the dyno-shaft measuring apparatus preinstalled. We didn't build Dyno-shaft replacements for every conceivable driveshaft available, so there were plenty of potential customers who inquired but couldn't buy one because they needed a different type than the ones we had already built. Other people didn't have room to fit the additional parts on their vehicle. I think there were some technical gremlins as well, but I don't remember the details anymore. If the sales were there I think the gremlins wouldn't have been an obstacle to moving forward. I think we still support customers who bought them.

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I just found this thread

I just found this thread looking for the latest firmware for the AQ1. I'm actually trying to set up a dynoshaft! I've had it forever and finally had a carbon fiber shaft made for it. I recieved a bad cable with the dynoshaft, but tech support was able to get me the connector series and part numbers so I could make a new one. Now, I'm able to see the dynoshaft on AEMnet and connect to it, but it's still not working quite right. Gotta play with it more. But I'm really looking forward to getting it working, I have plans to get specific data for sorting out torque converters in a difficult application. I can't see how that could not be a good time. :D It's a shame it was discontinued, it could be very useful for a number of things. I did mangle the first one I bought, the reciever came loose on the tailshaft, back in 2012 or so (I think it was already discontinued then). For this one, I made an aluminum support for it to help it stay put.