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Wideband 30-0310 Serial connection

has anyone had luck connecting the inline wideband to the HP tuners through a serial to usb adapter? When I start recording in HP tuners the AEM channels disappears.  

Here is my current physial connections

  •  I'm running the blue wire off the sensor cable iinto the cut serial cable with the male termial end as show in the owners manual
  • that plugs into a serial to usb cord cord adapter.  There are 2 types of serial to usb types;  FTDI and the Prolific .  Apparently the older prolific is one problem. I've tried both.
  • the USB plugs into my computer
  • I'm using windows 10 on a laptop.


Thanks for any responses. I'm out of ideas.  Buying the 250 profeature set is my next option.  I'd rather get this blue line working. .  



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Did you get this figured out?

Did you get this figured out? I am currently dealing with the same issue.