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Wideband O2 Wiring Harness Too Short

I purchased a Wideband O2 gauge for my 1970 VW Beetle which is a rear engine vehicle. The supplied wiring harness is not long enough to reach from the rear engine compartment to the front dash where I want to install the gauge.

Part Number: 35-3441 - 96" Wideband UEGO Sensor Replacement Cable for Digital Gauge Part Number 30-4110 Only

I'd like to extend the harness by splicing wire. What gauge is the wire?

Thank you

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I would not splice in

I would not splice in additional wire to a UEGO sensor harness.  It just doesn't seem to work well no mattery how well you solder the splice joints plus you'll then have 12 splice joints in your harness.  I'd suggest purchasing a second cable, cutting the sensor connector off the first, extending it with the second and mate the two together with a good quality sealed connector like a Deutsch DTM or equivalent.