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Wideband suddenly shows full lean


Installed a wideband uego sensor yesterday. I have a 69 mustang with a 390 and dual Edelbrock 500's
The sensor is mounted about 10cm after the header collector.

At first startup it went straight to full lean and then went to display "- - -". Shut it off and examined the sensor, wiring and ground connection without any luck.
Searched the internet for a while then started it up again and this time it seemed to work.
Took it for a drive and got the following values:

Idle: ~16
Cruising and acceleration: 12-13
WOT: ~10

Drove it for a while, parked it then drove home with basically the same readings.

Today I checked my needles and jets, and adjusted to idle mixture screws according to Edelbrock instructions. Started it up and waited for the gauge to give me a reading that I could tune the idle based of but now it did the same thing again and went to full lean followed by "- - -". Shut it off for a while then took it for a drive. The gauge now showed a reading of ~12 when cruising. Then dipped to 10 for a second followed by an increase to 16 and then "- - -" again for the remainder of the drive.

What is possibly wrong here?

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I purchased the same product

I purchased the same product Sept 4 2019 and instlled in the head pipe of my carberated Harley and it does the same thing, Idle choke 10-11 choke off 12.5 -13.5 start to cruz and goes lean to 15 then 13.5 then all bars... 

Any help form tech would be apprieciated. 

BTW thought Geee i must be way lean but i can adj the idle mixture until it smells rich and still all bars.  Shut it down and wait 2 minutes start and it does the same thing