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Wiring Help for Turbo 99 Dodge Neon PLEASE!!!

Hey guys im really needing some help with the wiring install on my 99 neon i turbod. My question is which way do i install the IN/OUT? Iv asked multiple people on Facebook and everyone has given me answers that just confused me more. Im a mechanic of almost 18yrs but when it comes to wiring i feel like a retard you could say lol. So on the factory original harness theres an in wire and an out wire so say for injector #1in would i put that wire connected to the ecu connector and the #1out wire connected to the wiring harness that goes to the sensor? My 2nd question is basically the same question but its for the Cam & Crank Sensors on my Aem-Fic Harness theres a "Cam Hali+" &  "Cam Halo+" Do i connect the Cam Hali+ wire going to the Ecu connector which goes into the Ecu and the Cam Halo+ wire connected to the wiring harness that goes to the cam sensor itself? Iv really getting annoyed with this damn thing because im tryin to get this thing to rev up but i can hardly get it to even idle at all. Im using the x3.81a and iv tried using all of the hex files z104 z107 & z110 but they all do the same thing and hard time idling and wont rev up past like 2,000rpm. I would REALLY REALLY apprieate some help and id honestly be willing to paypal someone that could take theyre time and call me and walk me through these questions i have just asked you guys. Thanks in advance hope to hear from someone.


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ok so ill be straight with

ok so ill be straight with you and this post may get deleted because of it.

The FIC has been abandoned by AEM. while you may find it for purchase there is no support. the people who made that for AEM are long gone. While this could have been a neat platform but the current software is crap. This straight up is not going to happen. 

That being said all the FIC does is change voltages or delay signals. so for injectors you would intercept the wires going from your stock computer to the injectors. 

stock ecu injector > FIC injector input 

FIC injector output > Injector

so then you can modify the injector pulse to be longer than stock if needed. 

this goes for all sensors on the FIC as well. some things can be intercepted, and some things must be tapped. 

setting all this up is a huge pain and in the end it wont work well. 

sell this to someone else. move on. 

you can buy a reflash for your car for less than the FIC and it will actually work and someone can help you with it. https://www.modernperformance.com/product/2152/95-99-neon-electronics

Ive had enough experience with these to know better. 

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The FIC has been discontinued

The FIC has been discontinued and AEM does still offer limited support but that support is going to be more geared towards supporting users that have existing setups that run that may need some troubleshooting or tuning assistance versus starting off at level zero and helping someone to understand how the product even works. The real problem is that everyone that comes onto our forum for FIC support thinks they should start a new thread about their this or that when really, there is a ton of support material already on the forum that instead of asking about their specific issue, they should just do some searching and reading. We provide very good diagrams in this thread https://www.aemelectronics.com/forum/wiring-diagrams If those don't get people going in the right direction, then perhaps a FIC install isn't something they should attempt.

So for anyone else who might read this, before you feel compelled to start a new FIC thread, do an exhaustive search first because your questions has probably already been asked and answered more than once before.