Add Fuel Level to CD Carbon Dashes

AEM CD-5 and CD-7 Carbon Dashes allow you to add fuel level to your display, and our CAN Sensor Modules make it easy by providing a dedicated input that connects to your fuel level sending device (6 Channel CAN Sensor Module PN 30-2226 and 22 Channel CAN Sensor Module PN 30-2212).

Our CAN Sensor Modules have a maximum Ohms range of 250. If you are using one of our CAN Sensor Modules, you may need to use a resistor to reduce the Ohms range to an acceptable level. The video below explains how to make a connection from most factory fuel level sensors, and how to determine the Ohms range to ensure an accurate reading. Below the video is a calculator that we provide that will help you choose the right resistor if you need to use one to reduce your Ohms range.

For 2008+ vehicles using the OBDII Plug & Play Adapter cable, in many cases the factory ECU will send fuel level to the OBDII port over CAN bus. If it doesn’t, we suggest adding our affordable 6 Channel CAN Sensor Module; It’s a great way to add fuel level and additional pressure and temp channels to your display!

Fuel Level Resistance Calculator

Enter Ohms values for full and empty readings below
Measured Min (Ω)-Full:
Measured Max (Ω)-Empty:
Range (Ω)
AEM CD Carbon Dash Max allowable (Ω): This value is adjustable, but MUST remain below 250 Ω

Fuel Level Resistance

Calculated Resistor Needed: This is a calculated value based on your Min and Max Ohms measurements. You may select a resistor around this value.
Sensor with Resistor Max Ohms: This is your calculated max (empty) Ohms resistance with the resistor you selected
Sensor with Resistor Min Ohms: This is your calculated min (full) Ohms resistance with the resistor you selected
Sensor with Resistor New Range: This is your calculated Ohms range using the resistor you selected