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Technical Support for AEMPro Software and
Repairs for Series 1 Programmable EMS Ended 12/31/2014

AEM has ended in-house technical support for AEMPro Software and manufacturer repairs for its Series 1 Programmable Engine Management Systems effective 12/31/2014.

Outside Technical Support. Third party technical support for the Series 1 EMS and AEMPro Software is available if you continue to use your Series 1 EMS. Because of its long legacy, there is a wide array of third-party Factory Trained EMS tuners who are capable of answering technical questions related to the Series 1 EMS. SCROLL DOWN for a list of Third Party support facilities.

Keep in mind that the Dealers who provide technical support for the Series 1 EMS will likely not provide this service for free, and support rates will be set by each dealer independently.

Why End Support and Repairs? In November of 2001 AEM introduced the Series 1 Programmable EMS, so from a technology standpoint it is almost 14 years old. That's a long life cycle for a performance electronics product. Since that time, AEM has introduced its Series 2 EMS (in 2007) and the Infinity ECU platforms in 2012.

Because of its age, the Series 1 platform has become obsolete in the sense that many of the components used to make it are no longer available, and we cannot continue to support product repairs if many of the parts required to repair these units no longer exist.

The decision to discontinue technical support is twofold. Because of the obsolescence of the Series 1 platform it will be difficult to determine whether a hardware issue exists if all troubleshooting procedures are exhausted via support, as we will not be supporting repairs.

Secondly, as a company our goal is to develop leading edge products utilizing the latest technologies for racers. Included with these technologies, such as the Infinity ECU and Series 2 EMS, is a free technical support program. To keep our free technical support at a high level of quality, and keep from having to charge for technical support, it has become imperative that we keep it focused on our existing line of salable products.

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